Making as a Learning Tool: A New Educator Track at Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire

We are very pleased to announce that we are adding a track of workshops and maker events designed to help educators harness the power of making within their educational settings. These hands on workshops and demonstrations will provide attendees with curriculum resources, practical advice from veteran educators (including an Education Specialist from NASA’s Glenn Research Center), and opportunities to experience making as a learner. So far, our workshops

  • explore making as a way to support NGSS standards for science and CORE standards for math and language artsprovides strategies to implement making activities in your existing environment
  • offers low cost projects for use by formal and informal educators
  • provide opportunities to try these new skills by leading a making activity with faire attendees

If you are an educator (formal or informal), plan to attend at least one of these sessions. If you are involved in the maker movement and want to help more educators understand how making can complement their existing strategies, consider submitting a proposal for a workshop. Proposals may be submitted for this track until July 14th.


3 responses to “Making as a Learning Tool: A New Educator Track at Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire

  1. Hello, I’m highly interested in submitting a proposal but can not find any additional information on what should be included in the proposal or how I should go upon turning it in. Can you please send more info?

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