Thank You Sponsors!

We are happy to recognize our second group of very special donors, whose very support is driving us towards our goal of bringing attention to the wonderful programs, events, and learning opportunities that exist on the Southside of Chicago.

First we would like to recognize both SMART CHICAGO COLLABORATIVE the AVERY-GROSS FAMILY for their generous donations! Your support is crucial to our efforts and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

We would also like to recognize our newest BUILDERS for helping us build a strong foundation for a successful Mini Maker Faire this upcoming August: ADE GORDON, TRISHA HODGES, CHRISTINA PEI, RYAN KILPATRICK, DANIELLE LESPERANCE and DANIEL STRONGIN!!! Thank you all so much for your valuable contributions!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our newest MAKER-level sponsor CHELSEA MORROCCO for contributing to our fundraising campaign!

You are all awesome and with the support of donors like you, we are that much closer to being able to provide a quality making experience to the Southside of Chicago. Thank you all for your support, it is appreciated!

If you want to find out how you too can contribute to our fundraising campaign, visit our Indiegogo page for more information.



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