A Sneak Peek at our Makers

Next week this time, our amazing makers will be busy making lists, packing, and preparing to move their projects to the Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire. Since we believe we have something for everyone, we thought it would be fun to give you a sample of what to expect next Saturday.


Jewelry making can be fun, therapeutic and lucrative. Visit Beverly Singleton of Brilliant Designs by Bev to discover basic tools kids can use to get started in this ancient art. Experience this art by making your own jewelry with your choice of beads. Learn about additional workshops to further your knowledge.


Humanoid robots anyone? InMoov Rob Otto is an open sourced full sized humanoid robot that anyone can download, print, build, and program. See how far Dwayne Williams has gotten with his robot build as he takes it through its paces, learn about his process and see his homemade 3D printer he used to print his robot. As you watch the 3D printer work, share with him your love for robotics.


Speaking of open source, visit the folks from Mobileduino to explore their open source, Arduino compatible kit that converts any RC car into an insanely fun robot that you can control with your Android or iPhone.  The Mobileduino makes for a great weekend project for the family and doubles as an electronics learning tool. Programming is SIMPLE and there is no minimum age limit to get hacking!

And there’s much more to come!


One response to “A Sneak Peek at our Makers

  1. Jewelry making, robot printing, and race car hacking! What’s not to love?

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