NASA Workshops for Educators Like YOU!

For all the educators who want to include making in their curriculum, we have a treat for you! Susan Kolher, an accomplished Professional Development Specialist from NASA will be sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has garnered during more than 25 years of impacting science education. She spent the first 13 years teaching high school science, then moved through the ranks as curriculum developer, assistant principal, principal, and eventually as NASA’s Professional Development Specialist for the Midwest.

Image of Susan Kohler

Susan Kohler, Education Professional Development Specialist for NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio


During the workshops attendees will not only learn how to make a satellite and a glider, but will also learn how to

  • facilitate problem based engineering design activities
  • teach the science behind flight and space exploration
  • align making activities with the standards

In these hands on workshops, the educators take on the role of learner to experience the curriculum and also have the opportunity to practice those new-found skills as a guest exhibitor at the NASA foam rockets booth!


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