Who Learns via Cell Phone Light During a Thunderstorm?

This past weekend, part of our production team and a couple of youth from LevelUP managed the Learn to Solder station at Maker Faire Detroit. They, along with event volunteers, taught over 600 people basic soldering skills until the downpour cleared out most of the attendees.


Inspired new makers at Maker Faire Detroit learning to solder by cell phone light at Maker Faire Detroit, July 28, 2014

The Learn to Solder workshop has been a staple at many Maker Faire’s because it enables the learner to quickly learn something new AND make something cool at the same time. Learners were so engrossed in the soldering project, that rather than stop learning when storm stole the natural light, they chose to blend new technology (cell phone flashlight apps) with old technology (soldering irons) and created a new sport: Soldering by cell phone light! At our faire, we’ll be offering the Learn to Solder workshops every half hour. Saturday promises to be a beautiful and sunny day, but we’ll keep our cell phones handy just in case!

Don’t forget, the event is free but registration is required. Order your tickets today!



One response to “Who Learns via Cell Phone Light During a Thunderstorm?

  1. Reblogged this on LevelUP Youth Makerspace and commented:

    Who would have thought soldering would be so much fun!

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