The Week of Making is Here!



Today marks the first day of the 2016 National Week of Making!! This national celebration, part of the White House’s Nation of Makers initiative, includes everything from this weekend’s National Maker Faire in Washington, D.C., to events and activities happening in neighborhoods across the U.S.

This week, we’re helping show the nation how Chicago is a city of makers. Several organizations (including our Faire organizers) have come together to highlight all the wonderful ways that Chicago Makes.  A calendar of local events and programs, as well as a social media feed from #ChicagoMakes, is featured on  If you’re looking for a program for yourself or your family, or to submit info on an event you’re hosting, check out the website for more details.

We know that making happens at home, at school or work, outdoors, or anywhere a maker is. So join us in highlighting how Chicago makes by sharing your creations to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #ChicagoMakes and #WeekofMaking. Feel free to use this selfie sign in your post. We can’t wait to check out what you’re working on – and hopefully see you at the Faire in August!

Looking for more info? Check out the White House 2016 Week of Making Fact Sheet.



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