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Less than a month to go!

We can’t believe the Faire is just 27 days away!!  This week marks our FINAL CALL for makers, and registration for attendees will open up soon!

If you’re still curious about the Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire or want a reminder of how great the event is, check out this great video from last year.

This video was captured and produced by the fantastic Nat Soti of the Chicago Art Department.

Join us on August 6th!


The Week of Making is Here!



Today marks the first day of the 2016 National Week of Making!! This national celebration, part of the White House’s Nation of Makers initiative, includes everything from this weekend’s National Maker Faire in Washington, D.C., to events and activities happening in neighborhoods across the U.S.

This week, we’re helping show the nation how Chicago is a city of makers. Several organizations (including our Faire organizers) have come together to highlight all the wonderful ways that Chicago Makes.  A calendar of local events and programs, as well as a social media feed from #ChicagoMakes, is featured on  If you’re looking for a program for yourself or your family, or to submit info on an event you’re hosting, check out the website for more details.

We know that making happens at home, at school or work, outdoors, or anywhere a maker is. So join us in highlighting how Chicago makes by sharing your creations to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #ChicagoMakes and #WeekofMaking. Feel free to use this selfie sign in your post. We can’t wait to check out what you’re working on – and hopefully see you at the Faire in August!

Looking for more info? Check out the White House 2016 Week of Making Fact Sheet.



There are officially 27 hours left before the opening of the Faire! Setup begins today and we’re so excited to see everyone tomorrow! Weather is going to be mid-80s and mostly sunny – perfect making weather – and we have a few surprises in store for attendees:-)

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates throughout the weekend, and please social share your own experiences using #chimakers and #makerfaire hashtags.

If you want to get even more pumped for tomorrow, here’s another look at the 2014 Maker Faire yearbook (our event was included!):

See you tomorrow!

We need your help!

Today is exactly one week away from the Faire and we are SO excited to see everyone on Saturday!  But we’re still looking for a few more volunteers to join our team.

Volunteers help make the event a success for all – from helping setup to supporting our makers during the day.  You can sign up for as few as two volunteer hours and then enjoy the rest of your day! Signing up is easy; click here to be part of the fun!

For general volunteer information, visit our website page.

See you on Saturday!

Makers in the Movies

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional summer blockbuster movie, Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) might have just the fix. His new movie Crafted highlights the artisan products and processes of master craftsmen and craftswomen.  Covering work in knife-smithing, pottery, and culinary arts, the short documentary (about 25 min) is available for live streaming on Amazon and the trailer looks pretty good! Check it out below.

From the MAKE blog.

Registration is Now OPEN!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Registration for the Faire is now OPEN! Register now and you can share the news via social media, stay in the loop with event updates and announcements, and join a growing group of attendees who will make 2015 our best year ever!!


National Week of Making: June 12-18, 2015

It’s probably safe to say that most people in the Maker Faire community think that making is a pretty awesome way to learn, work and play. But it’s still a huge deal when the White House declares an entire week focused on making!

Last Friday, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to making as a critical strategy for learning, innovation, and building the economy.  The National Week of Making runs June 12-18 and kicked off with the National Maker Faire in Washington, D.C. and programs all over the country.

So, this week is a great time to get involved in maker activities at home, at school, or in your community! If you’re looking for things to do, check out the Week of Making site for activities in your area, or check out MAKE or Instructables for things to do year-round.

And if you haven’t already, sign up to be a maker at our Faire – the deadline has been extended to June 22nd!

Happy Week of Making, everyone!