YES Virginia, there is a Chicago Southside Maker Faire!

… and you don’t want to miss it by visiting this old site that contains only historical data for 2013-2016 faires. Please visit our new site: for current and accurate information!


50 Days until the 5th Annual Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire!

Mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire! It is returning to its signature date: the 1st Saturday in August! This year the date is

Saturday, August 5, 2017

This year we will feature robot scrimmages, quadcopter races, and a mini golf course – all designed, built, and programmed by Chicago youth! We expect to showcase new products that have grown from maker hobbies to maker businesses. Of course, there will also be a wide assortment of projects from individual makers, formal organizations, and informal groups.Plan now to come out to share your maker project, enjoy other projects, watch robotics demonstrations, or learn how maker skills can jumpstart a business or career. This multi-generational event is sure to offer something for everyone.

To get your mind ready, take part in the National Week of Making celebrations and find a new project to make!

We Did It!

Thank you to all of our makers, attendees and volunteers!   The 4th annual Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire was awesome and we couldn’t have done it without your creativity, energy and and support!

Some highlights from Saturday:

  • The live birth of baby water flees!
  • An egg drop challenge!
  • Cool creations from old, repurposed toys!
  • DIY telescopes!
  • Student-built robots!
  • A live broadcast from Pop-Up Youth Radio!

We have some great photos and video from the event on our Facebook page.  Check out our feed for the links: Facebook


It was truly inspiring to see all the making happening in our community!

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The Faire is Here!

It’s showtime!  We are up and running and of course, making on the Southside!

Come meet our Makers and make something to take home at our FREE event happening until 5 p.m. at Ford City Mall. This year we have over 35 maker projects featuring science, gaming, technology, art, robotics, electronics and MORE!

Need a fun Saturday activity?  Don’t have a ticket?  No worries, it’s not too late!  You can simply register HERE or at the door.

If you can’t join us this time, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive event updates and to tell us about your making experience!

Yay for making!

Time to Make!

What a beautiful day for a Maker Faire!  Set-up is almost complete and our Makers are getting ready to share their projects with people of all ages.  Come celebrate the making happening in our city today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Ford City Mall.

Today you can:

  • Build a custom glider and put it through a real flight test
  • Create and decorate a small wooden box
  • Learn to solder and make a light up badge
  • Play a large scale game of Battle Ship
  • Enjoy a treat at the concession stand
  • And so much more……!!!!

The Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire is FREE to attend – we invite you to roll up your sleeves and become a maker!

Simply register for your free ticket here:  REGISTER  For more information about getting around and how to find the venue, click here.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive event updates and to tell us about your making experience!


Collaborative Making: SSH:C + MSI

This year’s faire will feature a collaboration between the South Side Hackerspace and the Museum of Science and Industry’s Fab Lab to create and launch gliders!

Visit the South Side Hackerspace to assemble the fuselage (main body of the aircraft) from components created by a computer-controlled foam cutting machine. You can also learn more about SSH:C and how to join. Afterwards, swing by MSI’s Fab Lab maker station where you can design your own custom glider and put it through real flight test.  Discover the basics a glider needs for flight and see you project soar through the air!  Prepare for take-off! 

sshc-squareThe South Side Hackerspace is a group of hackers and makers in the Bridgeport/Pilsen area. They seek to bring together like-minded individuals in order to create a “social, educational, and collaborative space for [themselves] and the community.” You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Wanger Family Fab Lab – or fabrication laboratory – is a maker MSIspace located at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Here you can dream up, design and make items from practical to whimsical using cutting-edge software and equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines.  Dream it, design it, fab it!

Prepare to fly with this collaboration between the Museum of Science and Industry and the South Side Hackerspace on Saturday!

Maker Highlight: nScope

Learn how to design, build, and test electronics with nScope!


nScope and Raspberry Pi

In 2010, the USB oscilloscope nScope was created by Nick Marchuk and David Meyer as a way to make learning electronic circuits more accessible. While teaching introductory electronics courses at Northwestern University, Nick noticed that one student would build while the others watched so he wanted to create a personal lab kit that would allow everyone to have hands-on experience. Now every Northwestern Mechanical and Biomedical engineering undergraduate uses nScope to learn electronics.

2016-04-05-223446_1920x1200_scrot-1024x748Nick’s goal is that nScope will make electronics accessible to everyone in the way that Arduino did for programming. He hopes to have nScope in schools, universities, makerspaces and homes all over. His advice for aspiring makers? Just start. There are plenty of free online resources to help.

When he’s not working on nScope, Nick is working on all sorts of fun side projects. Check them out here. Join the nScope mailing list and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

We are super excited to have Nick at the Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire. Join us Saturday where you too can use the nScope to learn how to design, build and test circuits!